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Studying the impact of innovation on business and society

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    My friends Rob Cottingham, Gerard Francis Corbett and I have had some fun lately. One way to gain perspective on our modern reality is to do so through humor. So when a several big brands in the beverage, transportation, banking and airline industries were suddenly in the global media hot seat, we had a laugh and productive conversations behind the scenes. As a result, we set out to build upon these unfortunate opportunities with a couple of pithy but poignant cartoons hoping to spark a bigger dialogue....

    The post Customer Experience is the New Marketing and Customer Experiences are the New Brand appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    The future of commerce is already unfolding. Even though everyone says, “yes we know the world is changing,” I don’t believe that executives have shifted their thinking or belief system to change how they make decisions to compete differently. The challenge is that many decision-makers are caught in a state of “future shock,” stuck in the past and unable to move in ways that matter to an incessantly evolving market. Why? Because they still operate in an ecosystem that prioritizes quarter-to-quarter performance while...

    The post 10 Things Modern Digital Commerce Players are Doing To Thrive and Survive appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    In February 2017, My good friend Matt Kapko of CIO asked a few tech pundits, “Why tech companies are uniting to fight Trump’s immigration ban?” The result was published here. A group of 127 technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Snap and Twitter, filed an amicus brief (official friend-of-the-court brief) in the pending lawsuits opposing the administration’s executive order. Per the filing, the heavy hitting tech consortium attested that immigration is core to technology innovation. “Immigrants make many...

    The post Why tech companies are uniting to fight Trump’s immigration ban appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    Guest post by Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer) I hate the term “personal branding.” And yet, personal branding may be the salvation of corporate marketing. Allow me to explain today why both statements are true! For the past few years I’ve been immersed in the world of personal branding as I wrote my new book KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. I started the process by exploring what the experts thought it meant...

    The post Why the future of corporate marketing may hang on the personal brand appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    Customer experience (CX) is the new black and it is, for all intents and purposes, the catalyst for accelerated and purposeful digital transformation. Often in my research however, I find that customer experience is relegated to enterprise-first approaches to improving customer engagement from an infrastructure perspective. It’s not necessarily something I’m calling out as a problem. It is indeed necessary. But, it is not a means to an end. It is merely a means to addressing part of the opportunity....

    The post Customer Experience Should Be Designed For And Measured By What Customer’s Actually Experience appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    Disruptive technology is not just a commodity anymore; it has become a necessity. I recently met with Rilke Thomsen of Sleeknote to talk about how disruptive technology is shaping customer behaviors, preferences and expectations. Our conversation turned into a short but interesting three-part audio series that I wanted to share with you here. What is disruptive technology? Disruptive technology is something that comes along early on and has the potential to disrupt markets, behavior, and processes models. According to Brian, there are three...

    The post Why Disruptive Technology is Hijacking Your Customers appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    The team at Ode Management asked me to introductory video for their audience of event planners, speaker bureaus and agents. The topic was innovation and my mission was to keep it casual and brief, with a target length of two minutes. I guess I was too excited. On my first take, I overshot that goal by 10 minutes and needed to re-record it. However, I couldn’t bring myself to delete this though! Instead, I wanted to share it with you here. This video was meant...

    The post Innovation Begins with a Shift in Perspective; It’s Personal appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    Did you know that employees and employee prospects judge the immediate and long-term potential of a company by their reliance on desktop phones? To some it makes total sense. Why would any company have tethered devices to talk to someone else? Don’t we have mobile devices and apps for that? Besides, I’m always on the go. On the other hand, some might wonder as to why we would be having this conversation at all. Of course there are desktop phones!...

    The post Would you make a decision to join or leave a company based on how you work? appeared first on Brian Solis.

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    Several years ago as I was writing The End of Business as Usual, I researched how the customer journey was evolving. Specifically, I studied how traditional touch points compared to digital touch points and more so, how customers were hacking their way to desired outcomes. Along the way, I found that when it comes to “digital customers,” alignment in behaviors and preferences spanned generations beyond traditional demographics. At the time, I referenced this group of hyperconnected customers “Generation C” where...

    The post Moving Beyond Demographics: Today’s Hyperconnected ‘Generation C’ appeared first on Brian Solis.

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